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Dear families, Thank you all again for a great turnout for the musical - we have over 80 students participating in the cast this year and we are eager to start rehearsals today! Rehearsal Schedule Week of 10/2/17 Please assume that all cast members are called to all rehearsals unless we specifically call only certain cast members. We will typically send out a weekly e-mail detailing the rehearsal schedule and announcements for the upcoming week. The up-to-date rehearsal schedule is online at: Our rehearsal schedule for this week: Thursday, October 5 - 3:00 to 4:30 Read Through - Full Cast Friday, October 6 - 3:00 to 4:30 Read Through - Full Cast If your child will miss a rehearsal for any reason I need a note from you via e-mail or remind. I must receive something from a parent/guardian. Although we do review the regular conflicts submitted in your registration, we certainly appreciate a reminder when it is one-off misses, e.g. doctors appointments or family events. Please remember that if you are in a fall sport your sport takes priority until the season is over in a few weeks. If you don't have practice, or have a cancelled practice or game, please come to musical rehearsal. Student Activities Fee The student activity form (SAF) and fee are due as soon as possible.The form can be found online at   Please note that everyone will receive a notice saying you did NOT turn in your fee even if you have. Disregard the notice if you have already turned it in! This happens automatically when we input the student list into the school's system. f at any point you are unsure of whether or not you turned in your form or fee don't hesitate to e-mail me. The Search for Toto... Auditions are over but there is still one important role to cast...Toto! For many scenes we are using a real dog as Dorothy's faithful canine companion. So we are looking for:  - A Cairn Terrier or another smaller-sized breed that would be easy to tote around  - A very well trained dog that is not spooked by loud noises (or loud middle schoolers)  - A dog and handler that are available at various times during January (as negotiated with handler), the tech week, and all performances  - A certified therapy dog (If you are interested in having a dog certified, I can direct you to the online resources to do this.)  Please spread the word around that we are looking for a fantastic Toto and have any interested participants contact me as soon as possible! Thank you! Parent Volunteer Groups Thank you all so much for offering to lead and participate in the various parent volunteer groups in your registration. We are hard at work assembling leadership for these groups and details on participation. This production is truly an all-hands-on-deck event so we are certainly going to be looking for your help with donations, chaperoning, and more. More information on this will be presented in later e-mails. Ad Sales One of the ways to help out the production is by selling (or buying) ads that will go into our programs. The proceeds from these ads go directly towards the PRMS productions. We will set and announce ad sale goals and incentives soon! Our ad form can be found at Any Questions? Throughout the process, especially if this is your first time involved with a musical production, you may find yourself with questions. If your question cannot be answered by the resources found on our PRMS webpage or from the previously sent family e-mails, please don't think twice about sending me a quick e-mail! Well, we're off to see the Wizard...let's have a great 2018 Musical!
Posted by pheckman  On Oct 05, 2017 at 8:49 AM