Ticket Sales

Details and more information coming next year...

We suggest that you purchase tickets for the musical in advance once the preorder becomes available.

Tickets are general admission so arrive early for choice seating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a lower ticket price for students or seniors?
All tickets are an even $10 each with no variation of price for person, performance, or seating.

Is there any way I can reserve a specific seat or row of seats?
No, our tickets are general admission. Although you cannot reserve any specific seats, once you are in the theater you have your pick of any open seat. To have the best selection be sure to purchase your tickets in advance and arrive early for the queue.

When will the doors open for general admission?
Our theater will open approximately 20 minutes before the performance. The queue outside the theater will begin forming approximately one hour before the performance.

I'd like to buy a lot of tickets. Is there a group rate or bulk discount?
At this time there is no discount or group rate.

Does my child under 3 years old need a ticket?
Any child who needs a seat must have a ticket. However, if your child under 3 years old can sit comfortably and quietly in your lap for the performance, they do not need an additional ticket. Please note that our performance is nearly two and a half hours long - we suggest your best case-by-case judgment when it comes to bringing very young children.

How long will the performance be?
The performance is approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes with a 15 minute intermission between Act I and Act II.

Can I bring food into the theater?
There is no food or drink allowed inside the theater, but there will be concessions for sale which can be enjoyed just outside the theater in our commons area.

What if I would like to exchange my tickets for another performance?
We are only able to exchange tickets before February 8 and we are limited to just what tickets are still available.

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